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at Lavazza IncluCity Festival 2024

AWA Music Showcase 'N Movies

Experience the mesmerizing AWA Music Showcase ‘N Movies at the Lavazza IncluCity Festival 2024. This extraordinary event brings together exceptional artists from Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and the Niagara Region, presenting an eclectic mix of genres that includes Arabic music, RnB, Blues, Country, Americana, African beats, and global melodies. Immerse yourself in the diverse sounds that traverse continents and cultures, uniting audiences through the universal language of music.

Thursday, June 27th | 7pm to 7:45pm

City Choir

The City Choir consists of tremendously passionate volunteers and is led by some of Toronto’s finest musicians. They are known for their diverse repertoire, performing music of various styles as well as original compositions. The City Choir has graced numerous stages, including two Luminato festivals and the “SING!” a Cappella Festival. They have also brought infectious joy to smaller venues with their cabaret evenings. Their performances of traditional carols have become a staple at holiday events. In 2024, they are set to collaborate on a new work by Suba Sankaran, broadening their success.

Monday, July 1st | 7:00pm
Artist, Songwriter, and Musician

Daniel Monte

Daniel Monte is a Canadian artist, songwriter, and musician, pushing boundaries with his ground-breaking ``Orchestral Pop/Rock” sound. A classically trained violinist, Daniel seamlessly weaves the rich tapestry of symphonic elements into his compositions. His performances are not simply concerts, but immersive journeys into a world where classical finesse meets the raw energy of rock. Daniel, alongside his band and collaborators, Antó (guitar) and Flavio Silva (keyboards/synth), have been captivating audiences across Canada since 2017 with their soul-stirring lyrics, captivating voice, commanding violin and melodic piano. With plenty of new music on the way, Daniel Monte is blazing his own musical trail.

Friday, July 5th | 7:00pm
Professional Drummer

Exclusive Connection

Oluwadamilare David Odede, a professional drummer, founded “Exclusive Connection” in 2020 with a goal of reviving cultural values through music. “Exclusive Connection” is a testament to David’s vision of creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, a symphony that resonates with the soul, echoes rich heritage, and speaks to the beauty and inter-connectivity of shared human experience. The band has graced stages across Nigeria and Europe with their extraordinary talent, passion, and dedication.

Saturday, July 6th |7:00pm
Tabla player

Gurpreet Chana

Gurpreet Chana brings a multidisciplinary approach to music that meets at the intersection of arts and sciences. His love of music is inseparably woven in the fabric of his upbringing as he has been an avid Tabla player, a type of hand drum, since the age of three years old. His unique amalgamation of music and engineering gave birth to SURmUN, a venture he co-founded. As its creative engineer, he masterfully blends his extensive experience in engineering and supply chain with his passion for music, and crafting designs that reverberate throughout the music industry.

Sunday, July 7th | 7:00pm
Blues Guitarist

Michael Maguire

The tenacious and outstandingly talented Michael Maguire began his musical journey from an incredibly young age. Although a questionable ear test threatened his career at the age of nine years old, Maguire persisted, becoming a part of various rock bands in his teens, continuing into his early twenties. His dedication led him to learn the steel guitar, Spanish guitar, and later go on to study music. His studies led him to masterfully publish a film score for Cinron Productions. The passion in which he expresses when performing his jazz music is nothing short of pure serenity.

Sunday July 9th | 7:15pm |Trinity Theatre - Distillery District

Dicko Fil and Amadou Kienou

Dicko Fil, born in a small village near Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, moved to the Ivory Coast as a teenager where he was greatly inspired and influenced by reggae music. A combination of modern and traditional instruments such as the bass, balafon, djembe, tamani, and the kamalé n’goni contribute to the deeply cultural, immersive experience his music creates. Through his outstanding vocal range and the incorporation of local rhythms from the Dioula and Peulh people, Dicko Fils’ reputation spread rapidly throughout West Africa, bolstered by the release of albums in 2007, 2010, and 2012.

Amadou Kienou is a masterful musician-composer, dancer, choreographer, and instructor from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, whose principal instrument is the djembe. A descendant of the Dafin people, Amadou was initiated as a djeli or griot (an oral historian), one of a long line of griots whose role is to preserve and transmit their people’s history, culture, and values. Nowadays, bringing the traditional to the contemporary, Amadou delights international audiences with his unique polyrhythmic expression of emotions and memories. Amadou has resided in Toronto since 2008, performing around the globe and regularly teaching dance and drumming workshops in schools, universities, and at festivals throughout the nation.

Friday, July 18th | 7:00pm

Kyla Wheeler and Hailey Stepstone

Kyla Wheeler is an incredibly accomplished artist and high school student who finds joy in various musical genres including jazz, R&B and Japanese pop. In February of 2023 Kyla performed the National Anthem as well as two additional songs on the acoustic guitar at the AWA TRACE Event, held at ADA Slaight Hall. She enjoys playing the guitar, piano and trombone, and is a member of her school band, holding the first chair position in the trombone section. Kyla balances her music and studies seamlessly, hoping to combine both into a successful career.

Hailey Shepstone is a Niagara youth and a proud member of the 2S+LGTBQIA, BIPOC, and Differently Abled communities. Predominantly self-taught, Hailey began playing and writing music in her basement. She later joined a local music community, performing on stage for the first time in June 2022, going by the name J.A.S. (Just Another Stranger). With music being her form of catharsis, Hailey utilizes music to express herself, as well as using it as a means of understanding and making sense of the world around her. Since 2018, Hailey has written over 400 songs, and currently attends Western University to pursue a degree in music.

Saturday July 20th | 7pm

Nichole Noel

Hailing from the island of Jamaica, J. Nichole's creative prowess spans from musical genius to written works of varying genres. Some of these accomplishments include three audio CDs, eight books of soul-stirring poetry, and enchanting children’s stories. Her musical repertoire is as diverse as it is captivating. She takes care to implement and seamlessly fuse elements from a broad range of musical genres including Reggae, Classic Rock, Ska, Soca, Jazzy-Blues, Country, and Pop to create a symphony that satisfies every listener.

About AWA

Founded in 2011 by international artist Sonia Aimy, African Women Acting (AWA) is an incorporated non-profit organization. The organization aims to empower, promote and preserve African cultural arts of all modalities in Ontario. These include vocal and instrumental music, theatre, dance, visual arts, spoken word, story-telling and poetry. In order to comprehensively achieve our goal, we ardently support female African artists and those of the diaspora and champion related issues. As we are a community of women, the agenda of addressing social activism for social issues such as sexism, discrimination, racism, homelessness, gender-based violence and mental health are some aimed at to eradicate. Through artistic expressions, AWA brings these issues to light and offers knowledge, support and solutions. Although AWA prioritizes promoting female African artists, we strongly believe in inclusivity in the arts community. We encourage partnerships and collaborations with artists of all genders, ethnicities and religious or spiritual beliefs.

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