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Inaugurated as a grassroots non-profit film festival in 2012, ICFF has developed into a multidisciplinary and multicultural organization that embraces all facets of the arts. ICFF has grown to celebrate over 15 different local communities and attracts 51,000+ attendees. Through its beloved one-of-a-kind events that span from design to music, and from art to cinema, ICFF promotes Canada as dynamic cultural and artistic destination.
Throughout the year, ICFF organizes special initiatives exploring different aspects of world culture, while catering to the needs of diverse and multi-generational audiences and upholding Canada’s growing cultural and artistic sectors.


The ICFF is a dynamic and inclusive organization dedicated to fostering unity, understanding, and appreciation among diverse communities through the celebration of arts and culture. Established in 2012 as a grassroots non-profit film festival, ICFF has evolved into a vibrant, multidisciplinary platform that embraces the rich tapestry of the arts. Our mission is to promote Canada as a hub of creativity and diversity, cultivating an environment where various art forms converge, intersect, and thrive.


At ICFF, our mandate is to curate immersive and transformative experiences that transcend cultural boundaries. We celebrate the essence of over 15 local communities, attracting a diverse audience of 57,000+ attendees, spanning generations and backgrounds. Through our unique and cherished events encompassing design, music, art, and cinema, ICFF crafts unparalleled opportunities for artistic expression and cultural exchange.

ICFF is committed to supporting and celebrating local artists in all fields, including visual art, music, and beyond. By providing a platform for local talents, we aim to nurture their creativity, encouraging them to flourish and contribute to the vibrant artistic landscape of Canada.

Throughout the year, ICFF spearheads special initiatives that delve into different facets of world culture, engaging with global traditions and contemporary expressions. Our organization is dedicated to catering to the needs of diverse and multi-generational audiences, fostering inclusivity, understanding, and harmony. We serve as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a more culturally enriched society while upholding and nurturing Canada’s burgeoning cultural and artistic sectors.

A cornerstone of our mission is the iconic IncluCity Festival at the Distillery District, a testament to Canada’s vibrant cultural mosaic. This international outdoor festival village showcases a carefully curated selection of movies, weaving together narratives that celebrate the diverse heritage and multicultural fabric of our nation. Through this flagship event and our year-round initiatives, ICFF strives to reinforce the values of unity, diversity, and artistic brilliance, making a lasting and positive impact on the cultural landscape of Canada..


ICFF is a true celebration of Italian excellence bringing the best of contemporary Italian cinema Canada-wide.

Lavazza IncluCity

An International Festival presenting a selection of movies representing Canada’s diverse and cultural mosaic.

ICFF Youth is an International Film Festival for students of the GTA, aged 8-18 years old

Special Events

Celebrating Italian heritage by highlighting the best of Italian food, fashion, music, literature, architecture and industry developments

ICFF at Home

Canada-wide online film festival showcasing Italian contemporary cinema and innovative virtual events directly to your home.

INCLUCITY FESTIVAL @Distillery District
ICFF Highlights

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