Breaking Barriers

"Hard-nosed" Movie Premiere & Paralympic Perspectives


Movie Premiere & Panel Discussion

The evening is more than just a cinematic experience; it’s a celebration of human spirit, breaking barriers, and embracing diversity. Attendees will witness the transformative power of sports and gain a deeper understanding of the incredible achievements of Paralympic athletes.

  • Thursday, November 30th, 2023
    TIFF Bell Lightbox
    Panel Discussion: 7 PM Movie: 7:45 PM

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Panel Discussion

Join us for an inspiring evening featuring a diverse panel of esteemed guests, including representatives from various organizations supporting the disability community and Canadian Para-athletes. Dive into discussions about inclusivity, determination, and triumph in parasports. Gain unique insights and be inspired by the incredible stories of athletes defying odds. Join us in celebrating resilience and championing inclusivity!


Director of "A muso Duro" / "Hard-nosed"
T64 Sprinter Paralympic & 2x World Medalist
Claire Buchanan
Para-athlete | Ice sledge hockey | Wheelchair basketball
James Murphy
Executive Director of ParaSport Ontario
Doug Hannum
CEO of Ontario Para Network

Movie Premiere ``Hard-nosed``

The discussion sets the stage for the main event: the premiere of ``A muso Duro / Hard-nosed``. This remarkable film directed by Marco Pontecorvo serves as a tribute to the legacy of Dr. Antonio Maglio, a pioneer in advocating for the social recovery of disabled individuals. The movie not only celebrates his life but also sheds light on his pivotal role in organizing the inaugural Paralympic Games in 1960. Through powerful storytelling and compelling performances, the film brings to life the extraordinary journey of resilience, hope, and determination.

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