Hamlet is my Brother

Hamlet is my Brother

Amleto è Mio Fratello
Directed by: Francesco Giuffrè

Join the heartwarming adventure of four friends as they chase their dreams, make unexpected connections, and find the true meaning of belonging.

Italian with Eng Subs


Paolo, Paolone, Andrea and Carlo are four disabled actors who one night decide to get on a minibus and leave, causing considerable concern among their parents, the theatre in which they work and the police. Why this escape? Lovers of William Shakespeare, the four have learned that a famous theatre in Naples is looking for a company to represent the Bard, so an opportunity not to be missed presents itself in the Campania capital. But the journey turns out to be anything but peaceful, as, while Inspector Claudia Grani tries to track them down, they find themselves having to deal with the theft of the minibus and several unexpected acquaintances; from the meeting with a family of Norwegian freaks including the beautiful Chloe, a theatre enthusiast, to the one with the drug addict Mia who is passing through Cristian, in a wheelchair, and a former actor who runs a melancholic amusement park in the middle of nowhere. And right in the vehicle that was stolen from them are the medicines they urgently need.

Francesco Giuffrè.

Francesco Giuffrè is a composer, screenwriter, and director for both the stage and the screen. Giuffrè has directed several plays on stage at Rome's Teatro Argot, some of which include Il Profumo (2006) by Patrick Süskind,  Othello (2008) by William Shakespeare, and Crime and Punishment (2010 and 2011) by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He has also composed music for numerous theatre productions, including Il Sindaco del Rione Sanità (2009) by Eduardo De Filippo, performed at Teatro Manzoni in Milan. Amleto è Mio Fratello (2023) is Giuffrè's first film; however, the film's subject matter, which is about differently-abled people, is a topic he is very familiar with, making the transition from directing on the stage to the screen seamless.

Length 1h 30min
Year 2024

Cast Claudia Gerini, Paolo Vaselli, Andrea De Dominicis, Carlo di Bartolomeo, Paolo Giliberti, Tonia De Micco, Ilaria Loriga,
Distribution Flat Parioli
Production Flat Parioli

  • Thu, July 18
    08:15 PM
    Birra Moretti Cinema, Distillery District
  • July 5th to July 14th, 2024
    Online Platform
  • Wed,Aug 28
    09:00 PM
    Cine-Parc Dante

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