Last Minute Dictatorship

Last Minute Dictatorship

Directed by: Antonio Pisu
An eye-opening journey through denied freedom, people on the run and broken families.

Italian with English or French subs
Comedy, Drama

PLOT : Unburdened by any obligations and free of any responsibilities, three Italian men leave their quiet hometown in the search for exotic experiences and adventures. Set on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall, their journey across Eastern Europe begins lighthearted and carelessly until their encounter with a man who fled Romania and unexpectedly leaves them with a mysterious suitcase. The further east they travel, the more they realize the difficulty and the needs of the people surrounding them. Ride along for the nervous breakdowns, strange encounters, and missteps along the way that are the makeup of this comedic drama about friendship and the consequences of the Cold War.

Antonio Pisu. Born in Carrara, Tuscany, Italy, Antonio Pisu began as an actor and attended a course in cinematographic techniques at Officina Film. After participating in multiple works such as Hotel Meina (2007) and La Figlia di Elisa (2007), Pisu went on to create and star in the television series Low Budget. He then co-founded the cultural association Novre, where he produced several shows written and interpreted by him. In 2016, with the help of his brother, Pisu founded the production company, Genoma Films whereby he was able to release his first film Nobili Bugie. Following the astounding success of his first feature film, which won him an award at the renowned Venice International Film Festival, he moved on to direct Est, his second directorial feature work for which he is also the screenwriter.

Length 1h 44min

Cast Lodo Guenzi, Jacopo Constantini, Matteo Gatta, Paolo Rossi Pisu,
Distribution Genoma Films
Production Genoma Films, Rai Cinema

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