Original Title: Come a Micono
Director: Alessandro Porzio
Running time: 10'
In a small town in Southern Italy, now inhabited only by elderly citizens, a visionary Mayor has an idea to defeat depopulation: a video to promote his town as a tourist destination, following the Greek example. A surprise event will change everything.

Original Title: Slow
Director: Giovanni Boscolo and Daniele Nozzi
Running time: 10’30”
Since Marisa retired, her life has changed profoundly: she feels useless, abandoned, without a purpose. The meeting with a secret organization of retired people reveals to her one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind: road traffic.

Original Title: Il gioco
Director: Alessandro Haber
Running time: 12'
A man and a little girl are sitting at a kitchen table. We don't know who they are or why they are there. The light tones of the conversation gradually change into something tragically different, when the little girl speaking of a strange "game of happiness", which "he" made her play, reveals something shocking.

The Game

Original Title: L’oro di Famiglia
Director: Emanuele Pisano
Running time: 15'
A young thief and a burglary gone bad. Among the stolen goods, an object attracts his attention: no gold, no silver and no ancient relics, but something much more precious that is worth giving back.

The Family Gold

Original Title: Gas Station
Director: Olga Torrico
Running time: 10'
Alice works at a gas station. She doesn’t play music anymore and she buried deep inside her fire for music. On a sultry summer day, her old music teacher shows up, and Alice starts wondering if she has stayed without fuel for too long.

Gas Station

Original Title: Ladri di dati
Director: Emanuele Pisano
Running time: 20'
Are you aware of the high price of just a single click? Data Thieves tells the story of how the world of state-sponsored hackers works and how easy is to conduct a cyber-attack, that nowadays is one of the main problems for the national security, both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Data Thieves

Original Title: Azzurro
Director: Jeneffa Soldatic
Running time: 11’30’’
After her car breaks down in Southern Italy, Gloria’s driver pleads with her to wait on the beach while he gets the car repaired. Now truly alone, Gloria's grief is transformed by the blue Ionian Sea.


Original Title: Pizza Bagel
Director: Joe Mari
Running time: 9’43’’
What happens when a traditional Italian father prepares a Kosher dinner for his son’s Jewish girlfriend and mother? Pizza Bagel takes a comedic look at intercultural dating while poking fun at Mediterranean cuisine and unabashedly patriotic soccer celebrations.

Pizza Bagel

Original Title: Framed
Director: Marco Jemolo
Running time: 7'
Framed is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society. Like in Kafka’s the Trial, the prisoner doesn’t know why he’s there or what crime he may have committed. But in this version, he doesn’t even know he’s an animated clay puppet, made of disposable plastiline, but with a human soul.


Original Title: Office Kingdom
Director: S. Centoducati, E. Bertolucci, R. Pirito, G. De Toma
Running time: 7'
In a quiet office a customer is waiting for the approval of his practice, but for the clerk who helps him will not be so simple to get the right stamp.

Office Kingdom

Original Title: Due Piedi Sinistri
Director: Isabella Salvetti
Running time: 6'10"
In a square in a neighborhood of Rome, Mirko is playing soccer with friends, while Luana awaits his father. They know and they like each other right away. Everything seems to turn fine but suddenly it happens an unexpected discovery.

Due Piedi Sinistri

Original Title: Bella di Notte
Director: Paolo Zucca
Running time: 12'
“Bella di Notte” tells the story of a gloomy mountain village in the early twentieth century, where the anthropologist and expert traveller D.H. Lawrence is investigating the mysterious figure of Accabadora, the infamous woman in Sardinia known for bringing the ‘dolce morte’ upon suffering and dying people.

Bella di Notte

Original Title: Il primo giorno di Matilde
Director: Rosario Capozzolo
Running time: 10'
Today is Matilde’s first day of school. Her father Claudio had to take her there but he didn’t come. So her grandfather decided to walk Matilde, but Claudio joined them to talk with her little daughter for giving her some advices to face this important day of her life. At the end he will say something more, before embracing his destiny.

Il primo giorno di Matilde

Original Title: I Wanna Make a Movie or I Wanna Die Trying
Director: Eric Bizzarri, Sydney Herauf
Running time: 9'
In the hopes of being the lead in a feature film, a young woman absorbs herself in the role of a contemplative, soft-spoken cowboy named Dallas. But when her ‘method’ performance goes too far, Dallas’ world quickly spirals out of control.

I Wanna Make a Movie or I Wanna Die Trying

Original Title: Maremma Felix
Director: Pietro Mecarozzi
Running time: 20'
The MaremmaFelix investigation dealt with mafia infiltrations and the invasion of Russian oligarchs in the Maremma (Tuscany) territory.

Maremma Felix

Original Title: La Napoli Di Mio Padre
Director: Alessia Bottone
Running time: 20'

La Napoli Di Mio Padre

Original Title: Maestrale
Director: Nico Bonomolo
Running time: 10'
Un uomo va al lavoro, vede una barca in vendita. Sogna una vita da lasciarsi alle spalle. Parte, il sogno lascia il posto al ricordo, il maestrale lo costringe ad un approdo di fortuna. Una donna, un'altra storia, un nuovo inizio? Come in un disegno di Escher tutto ricomincia dove sembrava essere fnito.


Original Title: Gli ultimi della terra
Director: Massimo Bertocci
Running time: 14'
Pietro help the locals to treat their animals with medicinal herbs, but the area became a national park. So that one day, to get away from a policeman, he fell off a cliff - He woke up in an empty city, unable to find peace.

Gli ultimi della terra

Original Title: Grandissima
Director: ?
Running time: ?


Original Title: terracotta
Director: Carlos Solito
Running time: 16'


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