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Natasha Kudashkina


Natasha Kudashkina

Natasha Kudashkina

Natasha Kudashkina moved to Prince Edward Island at the age of 17 creating her first collection of acrylic paintings. Since then, Kudashkina has settled in Toronto where her art now takes many forms–canvas, screen, concrete, and even human skin. Her artwork revolves heavily around themes of love, beauty, and community using bright colours to take the viewer into the own human mind. Kudashkina art has been featured in galleries, hotels and the walls of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Her images are a portal into our mind's eye, and through it, the visceral world of emotions, thoughts, aspirations and hopes. Proving the world as a potential canvas, her art takes the familiar and transforms it into something fantastic, more alive. Her style is vibrant, colourful, and dynamic. From a deep commitment to art’s potential to soothe, enliven and heal, her themes are overwhelmingly positive. They focus on love, nature, beauty, community, the threads that tie the country she left and the one she found.

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