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This ICFF special program focus on how Italy has influenced building design around the world for centuries and today how that export is more evident than ever.
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Angelo Mangiarotti’s Innovative Approach to Light and Design
  • JULY 13, 2023
    7pm Cocktail
    9:30pm Screening and Panel Discussion
Mick Copis - Marketing Director, MAPEI Canada
Silvio Baldassarra - Chairman Emeritus, NORR
Luigi Ferrara - Dean of the Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, George Brown College
Dragana Maznic - Interior Designer
Matteo Simoni - Vice President of Sales Americas, Artemide
Anna Simone - Interior Designer, Founding Partner Cecconi Simone Inc.
Susan Speigel - Architect, Susan Speigel Architect Inc

The discussion aims to provide a deeper understanding of Angelo Mangiarotti's innovative approach and use of light in architecture. The panel discussion aims to foster insightful conversations, shedding light on the various ways in which light became an integral element in the works of many renowned architects, including Mangiarotti, and his design philosophy. Whether you have a professional interest in architecture or a general curiosity about the role of light and design, this panel discussion provides an opportunity to gain further insight into Angelo Mangiarotti's vision.


Exploring the Iconic Works and Transformative Vision of a Design Revolutionary
  • JULY 18, 2023
    7pm Cocktail
    8:15pm Screening and Panel Discussion
Mik Copis (Introduction by) - Marketing Director, MAPEI Canada
Shirley Cheechoo - Filmmaker, director, writer, actor and visual artist.
Roberto Damiani - Assistant Professor, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, UofT
Jason Halter - Adjunct Professor, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, UofT
Dragana Maznic - Interior Designer
Alexander Pilis - Curator, Exhibition, Inaugural Public Opening of the SESC da Pompéia, São Paulo Brazil for Lina Bo Bardi
Stefano Pujatti - Architect, Elastico SPA studio

The panel discussion will explore Bo Bardi's iconic works, highlighting her groundbreaking approach to design. From the awe-inspiring São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) with its floating red concrete platform to her emphasis on utilizing local materials and embracing natural light and ventilation, we will unravel the essence of her architectural style. Discover how Bo Bardi's designs became catalysts for social transformation, breaking down barriers and creating inclusive spaces that welcomed all.

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