Ti mangio il cuore

Ti mangio il cuore

Directed by: Pippo Mezzapesa

Italian with Eng Subs
Pugliese dialect
Drama, Romance

PLOT : In the Gargano promontory live two families belonging to the Apulian mafia, the Malatesta and the Camporeale, they control territory. The two families have had bloody disputes over the years, including the massacre of the family of Michele Malatesta in 1960, which deeply marked the clan. More than forty years later, the two families seem to have established a truce, favoured by a third family, the Montanari. Andrea, Michele Malatesta's favourite son and heir to the clan, falls in love with Marilena, wife of the boss Santo Camporeale, who is currently on the run. The forbidden love between them rekindles an old feud between two rival families. The fatal passion brings the clans back into war, where only blood can wash out blood, following the ruthless codes of the local mafia. But Marilena, now cast out by the Camporeale and prisoner of the Malatesta, contended and reviled, with the strength only a wounded mother ripped away from her children can have, will oppose to a destiny which seems already written.

Pippo Mezzapesa. is a screenwriter and director of four feature films. The first, in 2007, was Pinuccio Lovero - Sogno di una morte di mezza estate, presented at the Venice Film Festival, in the International Critics' Week, and in official competition at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. This was followed, in 2011, by Il paese delle spose infelici, in Competition at the Rome Film Festival; in 2012, Lovero - Yes I can, was presented at the Rome Film Festival, in the Prospettiva Italia Section. Il bene mio, from 2018, is present at the Venice Film Festival in the Venice Days, wins the Audience Award at the Villerupt Festival and is nominated for two Golden Globes.

Length 1h 55min
Year 2022

Cast Elodie, Francesco Patanè, Francesco Di Leva, Lidia Vitale, Brenno Placido, Tommaso Ragno, Michele Placido,
Distribution True Colours - Glorious Films
Production Indigo Film, Rai Cinema, with the support of Ministero della Cultura and Apulia Film Commission

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