The Other Way

The Other Way

Directed by: Alessandro Garilli

Italian with Eng Subs

PLOT : Russian front, January 1943. The flurries of sleet take the breath away and Sergeant Bisi can make out nothing. Some metres from there he sees Zaina, followed by Prati who sinks into the white blanket of snow. They both have frost-bitten skin and their coats have turned into oppressive stiff suits because of the prohibitive temperature. Behind them, Artiko appears in the middle of that suffocating dust. He doesn't bear the rucksack anymore and he is driven by Ferri's hand while Remagio puffs from its nostrils and, with its ears down, moves forward dragging the sledge carrying Lieutenant Sala. The six Alpini, who look more like castaways than soldiers, are crossing the steppe to reach a village to escape the impending encirclement by the enemy. But night has already fallen and there is nothing in front of them. A long night of war and a journey through humankind, among valleys, birch forests, mountain lakes, burning towns, snow-covered beaches, and wheat fields.

Alessandro Garilli. Alessandro Garilli, as director and screenwriter, has ranged from cinematography to experimental video, advertisement and theatre, Receiving both national and international recognition (including the selection of Kodak for the European Film Academy di Parigi). Recently he wrote and directed the short movie I’m Rosa Parks winner of the award “Best message of the Second Generation” in the MigrArti section at 75th International Film Festival, La Biennale of Venice 2018. He is also the director and screenwriter of the project The Other Way, movie that was finalist art work at Premio Solinas and selected at the European Days of Turin. Alessandro worked sixteen years to make this film. And it is the first one who has been dedicated to the aftermath of the battle of Nikolajewka.

Length 1h 30min
Year 2023

Cast Ugo Piva, Nicola Adobati, Sebastiano Bronzato, Simone Coppo, Giusto Cucchiarini, Stefano Zanelli, Neri Marcorè, Nina Pons, Anna Orso, Melania Dalla Costa, Alice Lamanna, Manuel Amicucci, Ariele Vincenti,
Distribution RS Productions
Production Quality Film, Angelika Vision, Staragara, Rai Cinema, with the support of Ministero della Cultura (MiC) and Veneto Film Commission

  • Thursday, July 13
    6:30 PM
    Cineplex Cinema
    3555 Hwy 7 W, Vaughan
  • June 30 - July 10
    Digital Platform

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