The Goldfish

The Goldfish

Directed by: Alireza Golafshan
An Unlikely Band of Misfits Come Together for the Greater Good: Tax Evasion.

German with Eng Subs

PLOT : On the way to an appointment, Oliver — a successful portfolio manager — gets into a devastating crash on the highway. He wakes up from the tragedy as a paraplegic — forced to undergo months of rehab to prepare for life in a wheelchair. As he attempts to escape his ‘handicap prison’ with bad WiFi, he stumbles upon a shared apartment for the disabled called the Goldfish Group. As he risks his assets being stolen tax-free, he comes up with the perfect idea — using his new friends and a disability bus to smuggle black money across the border.

Alireza Golafshan. A German Iranian writer and director of several short films and features. His career began as a First Assistant Director on short films like Silent River (2011), Trying to Breathe Calmly (2012) and Behinderte Ausländer (2014). Golafshan writes and directs his debut feature with The Goldfish — which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Length 1h 51min

Cast Tom Schilling, Jella Haase, Luisa Wöllisch, Axel Stein, Birgit Minichmayr, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Klaas Helfer-Umlauf, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Lisa Bitter,
Distribution Sony Pictures
Production SevenPictures Film, Deutsche Columbia Pictures Film Production, Wiedemann & Berg Film production

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