The Big Day

The Big Day

Directed by: Massimo Venier

Italian with Eng Subs

PLOT : Caterina and Elio, childhood friends and longtime partners, are about to get married. Their fathers, Giovanni and Giacomo, work together in a sofa manufacturing company but couldn't be more different: Giovanni is enthusiastic and generous, while Giacomo is precise and frugal. As Giovanni splurges on the wedding expenses, Giacomo worries about the financial burden. Meanwhile, their wives Valentina and Lietta patiently endure their husbands' quirks. When Margherita, Giovanni's ex-wife, arrives at the lakeside wedding venue with her new partner Aldo, a charismatic and bumbling man from the south, the three-day celebration takes unexpected and sometimes comical turns.

Massimo Venier. Massimo Venier is an esteemed Italian director and screenwriter known for his exceptional contributions to the world of cinema. With a keen eye for storytelling and a unique directorial style, Venier captivates audiences through his insightful narratives and memorable characters. He is best known for his acclaimed works, including "Three Men and a Leg" (1997) and "Mi fido di te" (2007), which showcase his ability to balance humour, drama, and heartfelt moments. Venier's films have garnered critical acclaim, both nationally and internationally, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in contemporary Italian cinema. Through his compelling storytelling, he invites audiences to reflect, laugh, and connect with the universal experiences that make us human.

Length 1h 30min
Year 2022

Cast Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo Poretti,

Production Agidi

  • Friday, July 21
    9:30 PM
    The Distillery District (Trinity Cinema)

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