Spirit in the Blood

Spirit in the Blood

Directed by: Carly May Borgstrom


Embrace the darkness.

German with Eng Subs

PLOT : After a young girl is found dead in a secluded religious mountain community, suspicion and fear grip the tight-knit group. Fear and suspicion gripped the community like a vice as they struggled to comprehend the brutal tragedy that had befallen them. However, amidst the chaos and confusion, a group of teenage girls led by the fearless and determined Emerson Grimm refused to accept the community’s strict beliefs and traditions. Driven by a deep conviction that evil spirits lurked among them, they embarked on a perilous journey to embrace their own dark nature and battle against the evil force that they believed was responsible for the young girl’s death. Along the way, they will uncover chilling secrets and facing unimaginable horrors.

Carly May Borgstrom. Carly May Borgstrom is a multi-talented artist hailing from Innisfail, Alberta. She has distinguished herself as a director, writer, and actress in the film industry. Borgstrom completed her academic studies in Central Alberta before embarking on a journey that led her to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where she directed a small theatre for children known as Mindful Phoenix. Her creative endeavours have included acting in Arne Körner's romantic comedy, "The Bicycle" (2015), and writing and directing her own short film, "A White Bright Light" (2016). Her latest work, the Canadian thriller "Spirit in the Blood," is a testament to her unique vision and creative flair.

Length 1h 38min
Year 2024

Cast Summer H. Howell, Sarah-Maxine Racicot, Michael Wittenborn, Greg Bryk, Sarah Abbott,
Distribution Elevation Pictures
Production Junafilm, Elevation Pictures, NDR/Arte

  • Fri, June 12
    11:15 PM
    Trinity Cinema, Distillery District

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