Rocky Road to Berlin

Rocky Road to Berlin

Ya, Pobyeda i Berlin
Directed by: Olga Ryashina

Tuning up for love in the road trip of a lifetime


Ukrainian with Eng Subs

PLOT : “Rocky Road to Berlin” centers around the adventures of a Ukrainian novice musician, Kuzma, and his friend, Bard. Three days before the concert, the two travel to Berlin in the old “Pobeda” car. A collector is said to be ready to exchange the yellow car for a Mercedes-Benz W140. Kuzma promises his girlfriend Barbara to return home in a new car. However, from the first minutes of the trip, everything goes wrong. Nevertheless, one thing is sure: the adventure will help the heroes find their true purpose. The film is based on the story “Me, a Pobeda and Berlin” by the Ukrainian musician Kuzma Skryabin.

Olga Ryashina. ,, a prominent figure in Ukrainian cinema, excels as an actress and director. Her diverse work spans multiple genres, highlighting her versatility and artistic vision. Ryashina has significantly impacted both stage and screen in Ukraine. In 2022, she embarked on her ambitious project, "Rocky Road to Berlin." By 2024, the film was released, offering international audiences a compelling narrative and immersive cinematic experience. This project underscores Ryashina's dedication to her craft and ability to resonate with worldwide viewers, solidifying her reputation in the global film industry. Ryashina continues to be a driving force in Ukrainian cinema, pushing creative boundaries and inspiring new talent.

Length 1h 44min
Year 2024

Cast Aleksei Komarovsky, Anatoliy Krym, Nina Shulika,
Distribution Film Hive
Production UP Hub, Ukrainian State Film Agency

  • Sun, July 14
    08:30 PM
    Birra Moretti Cinema, Distillery District

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