La Kryptonite nella borsa
Directed by: Ivan Cotroneo

When living in reality is no longer an option, fantasy becomes the only thing to hold onto.

Italian with Eng Subs
Comedy, Drama

PLOT : Set against the vibrant backdrop of 1970s Naples, nine-year-old Peppino Sansone grapples with the upheavals of his tumultuous family life. Peppino divides his days between the vibrant world of his ultra-modern aunt and uncle, Titina and Salvatore, and the sombre atmosphere of his own home. Forced to move in with his Aunt and Uncle, Salvatore and Titina, due to his mother's worsening depression, Peppino finds solace in his older cousin Gennaro, who believes he's Superman. However, tragedy strikes when Gennaro unexpectedly dies, leaving Peppino to cope with grief and loneliness. In his sorrow, Peppino retreats into a fantasy world where he rewrites reality, bringing Gennaro back to life. Through this imaginative journey, Peppino confronts the challenges of adulthood and finds resilience amidst the chaos of his surroundings.

Ivan Cotroneo. Ivan Cotroneo is a distinguished Italian writer and director. Born in Naples in 1968, he moved to Rome in 1992 and graduated in Scriptwriting from the Experimental Center of Cinematography. He began his career collaborating with Pappi Corsicato, co-writing "La stirpe di Iana" for the anthology film "The Vesuvians" (1997). Cotroneo has since worked with directors like Luca Guadagnino on "I Am Love" (2009) and Ferzan Özpetek on "Loose Cannons" (2010). He debuted as a director with "Kryptonite!" (2011), followed by "Il Natale della Mamma Imperfetta" (2013) and "One Kiss" (2016). His work has made a lasting impact on Italian cinema, cementing his reputation as a critical figure in the field.

Length 1h 50min
Year 2011

Cast Valeria Golino, Cristiana Capotondi, Luca Zingaretti,
Distribution Rai Com
Production Indigo Film, Rai Cinema

  • Wed, Jul 31
    09:00 PM
    Cine-Parc Dante

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