Jorge of Cappadocia

Jorge of Cappadocia

Jorge da Capadócia

Directed by: Alexandre Machafer

For Honor and Faith

Portuguese with Eng Subs
Action, Drama, Historical

PLOT : After emerging victorious in yet another gruelling battle, Jorge finds himself at a pivotal juncture in his life's journey. His courage and unwavering dedication to his cause have earned him the esteemed title of captain of the army, a position of great honour and responsibility. However, with this newfound status comes a significant challenge that Jorge must confront head-on. As captain, he will have access to Emperor Diocletian's luxurious, alluring and tempting lifestyle. Yet amidst the allure of this lavish world, Jorge remains grounded in his deeply rooted faith and principles. A man of unwavering conviction, Jorge faces a moral dilemma that tests the very core of his being.

Alexandre Machafer. is a versatile Brazilian filmmaker, renowned for his work as a director, actor, and producer. Machafer initially stepped into the spotlight through his performance in Marcoz Gomez’s 'O Abajour' (2011), a  Brazilian drama. Machafer's directorial debut was the series 'Anos Radicais' (2017-2018), showcasing his multifaceted talent as director and executive producer. His creative approach flourished in subsequent projects such as 'Allan Ralph in O Filho do Homem' (2019) and 'Brasil Imperial' (2020). In his most recent endeavour, Machafer undertook the dual roles of actor and director in the captivating period drama 'Jorge da Capadócia' (2024), demonstrating his continued dedication to storytelling and cinematic excellence.

Length 1h 59min
Year 2024

Cast Alexandre Machafer, Roberto Bomtempo, Ricardo Soares, Cyria Coentro, Roney Villela,
Distribution Machafer Films
Production Fundação Cesgranrio, Machafer Films

  • Wed, July 10
    09:30 PM
    Trinity Cinema, Distillery district

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