Casanova’s Return

Casanova’s Return

Directed by: Gabriele Salvatores

Italian with Eng Subs

PLOT : Leo Bernardi is an experienced and acclaimed director at the end of his career, who has no intention of accepting his own decline. For his latest movie, Leo has chosen to tell the story of Arthur Schnitzler's Casanova, who is incredibly like himself, more so than he can imagine. The one narrated by Schnitzler is a Casanova who has passed his youth: he no longer has his charm and power over women, he no longer has money, and he no longer has the pleasure of travelling around Europe. After years of exile, he has only one goal: to return to Venice, his home. On his journey home, Casanova meets a girl, Marcolina, who awakens his desire for conquest. While trying to seduce her, Casanova will come to the most tragic conclusion: he has become old. The concerns and doubts of both men are incredibly similar. What is more important, cinema or life? What is more essential, to keep playing your character, or to let yourself enjoy the surprises that life offers you?

Gabriele Salvatores. Born in Naples, Salvatores debuted as a theater director in 1972. In that year, he directed his third feature film, Marrakech Express, which was followed in 1990 by Turné. In 1991, Salvatores received international praise for Mediterraneo, which won the Academy Award for best foreign film. The main themes of Salvatores' screenplays are escape from a reality that cannot be accepted or understood, nostalgia for friends, and voyages that never end. Happy Family from 2010 is based on a play by Alessandro Genovesi. In 2014, he made his first documentary, Italy in a Day, produced by Indiana Production Company, sponsored by Rai Cinema, and inspired by Ridley Scott's La vita in un giorno. Then, he produced Il ragazzo invisibile, which marks the director's sixth collaboration with Fabrizio Bentivoglio as well as Salvatores' return to the world of science fiction. With this film, the director won a European Film Award, chosen by the jury of young people of the European Film Academy. In 2018, Il ragazzo invisibile - Seconda generazione, the sequel to the 2014 movie, was released.

Length 1h 30min
Year 2022

Cast Toni Servillo, Sara Serraiocco, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Natalino Balasso, Alessandro Besentini, Bianca Panconi, Antonio Catania, Elio De Capitani, Angelo di Genio, Francesco Villa, Walter Leonardi, Sara Bertelà, Marco Bonadei, Nicole Piazzetta,
Distribution Rai Com
Production Indiana Production, BaBe Films, Rai Cinema, con il contributo del Ministero della Cultura

  • Sat., July 8
    8:15 PM
    The Distillery District (Spirit Theatre)
  • Sat., July 15
    8:30 PM
    Cineplex Cinema

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