Within a Week

Within a Week

Directed by: Roberto Zorfini
Think of the most passionate love story of all time. Now write it in 7 days.

French with Eng Subs

PLOT : Roberto is a struggling writer, trying to make ends meet after the mild success of his fantasy novel series. In the midst of Covid-19, with little work to be found, Roberto’s editor Michael is approached by an old acquaintance, Edith, who works for a big production studio. Turns out they are on the hunt for someone, like Roberto, who can write a good love story. The catch? They need it done in one week. Roberto has to dig deep, seeking inspiration from his own world, in order to produce the story in 7 days.

Within a Week. is an Italian filmmaker based in Montreal, Canada and has over 20 years experience in film and television. After graduating from the Istituto per la Cinematografia e Televisione Roberto Rossellini in 1995, he went on to work for 10 years at Radiotelevisione Italiana. In 2013, Roberto showcased his short film Imperfetto Equilibri at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF). Known for his aesthetics and with a penchant for good storytelling, Roberto is one director to watch.

Length 1h 35min
Year 2017

Production Totally Unnecessary Production

  • Friday, July 8
    10:30 PM
    The Distillery District, Spirit Theatre
    Tank House Lane, Toronto

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