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Rei “M E D Ē I O” Misiri


Rei "M E D Ē I O" Misiri
Artist - 6ix Art Outdoor

Rei ``M E D Ē I O`` Misiri

Rei ``M E D Ē I O`` Misiri is a Toronto-based calligraphy artist born in Tirana, Albania. Initially inspired by his travels while competing internationally as a street dancer, Medēio pushed the boundaries of ``making the letters dance`` by blending elements from ancient and modern lettering styles worldwide. Unlike conventional calligraphy, which focuses on the language of words, Medēio's approach to his craft centers solely on the sublime language of movement, rhythm, emotion, and synergy that words may not convey. His intricate designs and portraits begin with a clear intention and direction but rely on improvisation to capture the essence of spirit.

Murals & Designs

As a visionary, Medēio views art as a catalyst for global connection and cultural exchange. Over the past ten years, he has partnered with renowned brands such as Bloomingdale's New York, Porsche, Samsung, and Bank of Montreal. Medēio has showcased in solo and group exhibitions in various cities, including New York, Dubai, Miami, Zurich, Barcelona, and Milan.

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