Cristiano De Florentiis
Co-Founder | Artistic Director
Mara Cataldi
Director of Operations
Maurizio Magnifico
Co-Founder | Managing Director


Board of Directors

Paul Golini - Chairman
Maurizio Bevilacqua - Honorary Chairman
Nick Vallelonga - Honorary President
Ken Cancellara - Treasurer
Diane Cappelletto
Ivana Di Rocco
Irma Fiacco
Nick Iannelli
Lenny Lombardi
Frank Magliocco
Gina Iuliano Marrello
Sara Margani
Agostino Nigro
Paul Nonis
Pietro Pelliccioni
Fabio Varlese
Madeline Zito

Board of Advisors

Artistic Advisory Committee


  • Special Events Department
    • Natalie Quercia
      Special Events Coordinator
    • Kenny To
      Festival Organizer Assistant
    • Alexander Vo
      Special Events Assistant
    • Natalie Pham
      Special Events Assistant
    • Desi Schulz
      Special Events Assistant
    • Melina Zeppieri
      Vaughan Coordinator
  • Communications Department
    • Donatella Zanon
      Communications Coordinator
    • Anne-Elise Allegritti
      Secretary, Board of Director
    • Michela Vendramin
      Social Media Coordinator
    • Jude Mansour
      Intern Communications
    • Alessandra Papia
      Communication Assistant
    • Alissa Iacucci
      Intern Communications
  • Technical & Video Department
    • Antonio Burgio
      Audio-Visual Production Supervisor & Technical Coordinator
    • David Alcaide
      Tech Assistant
    • Mckenzie Dorie
      Tech Intern
    • Nadine Singh
      Tech Assistant
    • Antonio Burgio
      A/V Production Supervisor
  • Graphic Department
    • Than Le
      Graphic Designer - Intern
  • Web Department
    • Anurag Daimary
      User Experience Designer
    • Vladimir Ianuskin
      Software Developer
    • Joshua Andrade
      Web Designer - Intern
  • Box Office Department
    • Mary De Camillis
      Box Office Manager
    • Therance
      Box Office
    • Ping Jin
      Box Office
    • Michelle Owala
      Box Office
  • Sponsorship & Accounting Department
    • Sabrina Converso
      Sponsorship Coordinator
    • Nana Ackon
      Accounting Assistant
    • Ana Cabansay
    • Kera Pal
      Sponsorship department inten
    • Dino Marsili
      Sponsorship Sales
  • ICFF Youth
    • Joseph Cafiso
      Director of ICFF Youth
    • Licia Biglands
      Curator Educational Component
  • Volunteers Department
    • Alessandra Levi
      Volunteers Coordinator
    • Licia Biglands
      Volunteers Coordinator
    • Luisa Saverino
      Volunteers Coordinator
  • Logistics Team
    • Marwan Barh
      Logistics Coordinator
    • Khaled Bayazeed
      Logistics Coordinator
  • Programming Department
    • Tonia Serrao Soppelsa
      Director of Cultural Program
    • Carlo Coen
      Director of Programming
    • Anne-Elise Allegritti
  • Quebec
    • Francesco Esposito
      Operation Manager, Quebec
  • Special Guests
    • Alexandra Silvestri
      Special Guests Coordinator
    • Vania Giusti
      Special Guest team

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