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The Director’s Workstation

Fellini Forever

“I can only speak highly of this apartment, which has become my true home. I reside here not only during filming, but also during the preparation, editing, dubbing, and contemplation of future projects. It’s truly the city of cinema”

Fellini’s Cinecittà desk reflects his creative mind and his way of working, a place where ideas took shape and became cinematic masterpieces. Before the start of each film, Fellini would ask Roberto Mannoni to prepare it with everything necessary. There was always a calendar and a clock, a magnifying glass to view the audition photos, a pair of scissors, which he reportedly used, with his usual sense of humor and theatricality, to “cut away” negative energy. Several pen holders were filled with dual-tip markers. Fellini loved to draw and often used dual-tip markers for his sketches and drawings, which helped him visualize scenes from his films before shooting. This tool allowed him to create distinct and varied strokes, shape his creative ideas, and capture his visions quickly and flexibly. Fellini populated his films with actors with distinctive features, using their expressions to delve into universal themes. His characters, often surreal, were brought to life through close collaboration with actors, resulting in captivating performances.

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