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Caitlin Taguibao


Caitlin Taguibao

Caitlin Taguibao

Based in Toronto, Caitlin Taguibao has spent her time working in urban gardens and organic farms while also being a freelance artist. Her murals and illustrations focus on the themes of agriculture and food. In June of 2020 Taguibao drew the “Birds of a Feather”, in collaboration with Andrea Manica, which showcases three Canadian geese on the York Street Steps in Ottawa. In September of 2020 her art was featured in the Block by Block project. Her art is inspired by plant lore and exploring her own personal growth throughout her life and self-reflection.

Murals & Paintings

She has created visuals for various non-profit and community organizations whose main focus is on food and agriculture, and has spent time working in urban gardens and organic farms across Canada. Her work is inspired by plant lore and personal stories, exploring moments of self-reflection and growth.

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