Checco Zalone - ICFF - Italian Contemporary Film FestivalICFF – Italian Contemporary Film Festival

Checco Zalone

Checco Zalone is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished comedic actors in the history of Italian cinema. His four feature films, co-written and directed by his friend Gennaro Nunziante, Cado dalle nubi, Che bella giornata, Sole a Catinelle, and his latest, Quo Vado, have all broken Italian box office records. Quo Vado’s monumental take of 65 million Euro (over a period of three months) was just shy of Avatar’s all-time record in Italy (the equivalent of almost $600 million in the US). Zalone, born Luca Medici, has appeared on countless national television programs, often doing celebrity impressions or performing comedic songs (like his iconic “Siamo una squadra fortissimi” for the 2006 World Cup) that became national events. Aside from his acting skills, Zalone is also an accomplished musician (piano-guitar), singer and songwriter, having written numerous humorous and irreverent songs and having performed with several renowned Italian jazz musicians.

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