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Lifetime Achievement Award

Christian De Sica
The winner of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award is Christian de Sica, the Italian comedy king and showman, adored by his longstanding fans of all generations. Starring in 107 films, De Sica is an actor of many talents with an effervescent presence on set, stage and in person.



Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Giannini, Franco Nero
for The Neighborhood directed by Frank D’Angelo

The Trilogy Award goes to three special cineasts that uniquely connect Italy, Hollywood and Canadian cinema.



Paola Cortellesi
Special Achievement Award for Qualcosa di Nuovo and Mamma o Papà

As wonderful as on screen, Cortellesi graciously and emotionally accepted this award, quite moved by her Canadian support at TIFF Bell Lightbox during the opening screening of Something New.



In Guerra per Amore directed by Pierfrancesco Diliberto (PIF)

Director Pierfrancesco Diliberto, In War for Love is the winner of the prestigious People’s Choice Award. A tender love story intertwines with the allied conquer of Sicily during WWII, where the US Army had to find partners in the local society.



In memory of Angela Baldassarre
Fiore directed by Claudio Giovannesi

The Toronto Film Critics Association Jury voted Claudio Giovannesi’s Fiore as Best Film at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival in Canada. The Prize was announced by Jim Slotek, representing the Jury, during the Closing Gala of the Festival.



Alan Barillaro for Piper

Alan Barillaro was extremely honoured to be at this year’s festival and excitedly arrived on stage to receive his award



Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori directed by Luca Lucini

This award was presented at the closing gala of ICFF to the film How to Grow Up Despite your Parents by Luca Lucini



Office Kingdom directed by Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Ruben Pirito and Giulio De Toma

The Prize was announced by Daniel Garber, representing the Short film Jury, during the Closing Gala of the Festival.



Tony Nardi
Best actor for La Sarrasine

Tony Nardi won this award for Best Actor for La Sarrasine, by Paul Tana. The screening was part of “Bello to Beautiful”, a program that celebrates the invaluable contribution of Italian-Canadian cineastes to the Canadian film industry.


Excellence Award

Ruth Borgobello
The winner of the 2017 Excellence Award is Ruth Borgobello, the Italian-Australian director, who’s movie The Space Between had its North American Premiere at the ICFF. Borgobello’s film tells the tail of love and loss, taking place admits the breathtaking views of the Friulian region.



People’s Choice Award

Director Gennaro Nunziante and actor Checco Zalone receiving the ICFF 2016 Best Movie Award for their film “Quo Vado?”, at TIFF in Toronto. Photo by Danilo Ursini

Director Gennaro Nunziante and actor Checco Zalone are the winners of the prestigious People’s Choice Award.

Their film ‘Quo Vado?’ won everybody’s appreciation, showing that their comedy was highly successful also before an international audience.

A large part of the support came from the Italian-Canadian segment of the spectators. “We had a fantastic welcome -Checco Zalone declares- Italians of Canada never stopped being Italian.”

Also director Gennaro Nunziante expressed his satisfaction: “It is great to be here at the Festival, welcomed by so many Italians who -like us- continue to feel that our culture represents something really important for the entire world.

It is a Festival that shows our ability to do things, our pride.”


Film Critics Award

Journalist Thom Ernst, President of the ICFF 2016 Critics Jury, speaking at the audience of the TIFF in Toronto. Photo by Danilo Ursini

The Toronto Film Critics Association Jury voted Gabriele Mainetti’s They Called Me Jeeg Robot as Best Film at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival in Canada.

The Prize was announced by Thom Ernst, representing the Jury, formed by Toronto based film critics, during the Closing Night of the Festival, in the prestigious TIFF Bell Lightbox.
They Called Me Jeeg Robot was judged Best Film for its original approach to filmmaking and script writing, blending successfully fantasy, action and social commitment; the film’s gaze on Rome’s outskirts and petty criminals goes hand in hand with fast pace editing and surprising plot twists.

The Award was announced in a full house theatre and director Gabriele Mainetti greeted the audience and thanked the Jury and the Festival with a video message.



IC Savings Award

Producer Andrea Iervolino receiving the ICFF 2016 Award as Best Producer, for “All Roads Lead to Rome”, at the closing Gala of the Festival, at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Photo by Danilo Ursini


The 5th edition of the ICFF saw the IC Savings Award assigned to the film All Roads Lead to Rome, produced by Andrea Iervolino for AMBI Pictures, directed by Ella Lemhagen featuringa Raoul Bova, Sarah Jessica Parker and Claudia Cardinale.

The IC Savings Award for the Best Canadian Film was given to this Italian-American-Canadian coproduction, with a special mention to the relentless activity of the Italian-Torontonian producer Andrea Iervolino, founder and partner of AMBI/AIC, together with Monika Bacardi.

Iervolino’s activity in the field of film production and distribution represents a bridge between Italy and North America, and All Roads Lead to Rome is an example of how cinematic works can trespass borders and cross-oceans to make two continents meet.

Andrea Iervolino and AMBI/AIC are the most active and consistent link for such an encounter, and the IC Savings Award constitutes a most prestigious acknowledgment to his work and his contribution.



Best Short Film Award

Video of directors Giulia Di Battista (left) and Gloria Kurnik (right), winners of the Best Short award – for “Rèsce la lune” – at the ICFF 2016

RESCE LA LUNE (Here Cometh the Moon) by Giulia Di Battista and Gloria Kurnik wins the 2016 ICFF Short Film Award.

Intimate and powerful, Here Cometh the Moon has won the best short film at this year’s ICFF, but it’s more than a short film, it’s a portrait, a metaphor, a poem about love; a poem that brings past and present together, caught in a net that is woven before our eyes.

Giulia di Battista and Gloria Kurnik’s skill and sensitivity delve into an ordinary woman’s life and the extraordinary feelings she shares with us.

The filmmakers and their protagonist caught something rare with this film: they caught a truth that will make the heart sing.



ICFF Junior Award

Director Paolo Tripodi, receiving the ICFF Jr. 2016 Award for Educational Value, for the movie “Donkey Flies”, in Toronto. Photo by Alberto Diamante

This year’s 2016 ICFF Junior Film Festival presented a total of six films that were selected not only for their entertainment value but also and especially for their educational dimension.

Two films were selected as winners of the Festival: Il Ragazzo Invisibile directed by Gabriele Salvatores and Asino Vola directed by Marcello Ponte and Paolo Tripodi.

Il Ragazzo Invisibile was widely chosen by the students based on the criteria of the Six Elements of Film (script, direction, acting, editing, sound and photography) presented to all students at the beginning of each screening. Based on students’ preference and vote Il Ragazzo Invisibile received the People’s Choice Award.

Then film Asino Vola received the Educational Award based on the educational value of the film’s content, narrative style and themes of friendship, perseverance and courage.



Claudia Cardinale with her ICFF 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award, at TIFF in Toronto. Photo by Danilo Ursini

Lifetime Achievement Award

Claudia Cardinale, the actress who more than any other embodies the history of Italian cinema, was given a Life Time Achievement Award at the 2016 Italian Contemporary Film Festival, held in Toronto and other Canadian cities.

Claudia Cardinale has more than 110 films and 30 Italian and international awards to her credit. She has worked with the most prestigious directors, as Visconti, Fellini, Zurlini, Leone, Bolognini, Herzog and De Oliveira, as the protagonist of high quality and astounding successful films.

The ICFF awarded her at the presentation of the film All Roads Lead to Rome, featuring her and Raoul Bova. The TIFF Bell Lightbox was crowded with a vast and enthusiastic audience, who honoured her with a standing ovation, conquered by her talent and her charm.





Actor Giacomo Gianniotti receiving the ICFF 2016 Excellence Award at the closing Gala of the Festival, at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Toronto. Photo by Danilo Ursini

Next-Generation Award of Excellence – GIANNIOTTI GIACOMO

This award celebrates and acknowledges true shining stars in the film industry who are dedicated to excellence in their profession in every way.

This year’s recipient is no stranger to film and tv having starred in Murdoch misteries , reign , of course most of is know him as dr Deluca in Greys Anatomy. Giacomo Gianniotti recently stared in the feature film , Race.


Actor Raoul Bova receiving the ICFF 2016 Best Actor Award for the movie “All Roads Lead to Rome” and the movie “Rewind and Reboot”, at TIFF in Toronto. Photo by Danilo Ursini

Best Actor Award – RAOUL BOVA

RAOUL BOVA has won the Best Actor Award at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2016. Raoul Bova – already known to the Northamerican audience for his role played in “Under the Tuscan sun” – has won the prestigious ICFF 2016 award for two roles played in two wit comedies “All roads lead to Rome” and “Rewind & Reboot”.

Bova plays his role in “All roads lead to Rome” with grace and irony, portraying the former italian boyfriend of Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker) an american woman travelling to Rome with her daughter, in a comedy full of surprises.

In “Rewind & Reboot”, the italian actor plays the role of a professional in his mid 40’s, who – following an accident, where he has been hit by a car, walking on the street – goes “magically” back in time, now being able to live again his teen years and correct some mistakes of his early life.



Director Renzo Martinelli speaking to the audience attending the screening of his film “Ustica” at TIFF in Toronto. Photo by Giorgio Mitolo

Excellence Award – RENZO MARTINELLI

RENZO MARTINELLI has won the Excellence Award at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2016
Director Renzo Martinelli has won the prestigious ICFF 2016 Excellence Award for his latest work, “Ustica”, based on the tragic incident where a commercial airplane DC-9 Italia exploded during the flight killing all 81 on board.

Martinelli – already known to a wide audience, thank to films such as “Piazza delle Cinque Lune”, on the kidnapping and killing of prominent italian politician, Aldo Moro – explain to the Canadian audience his version of facts, where an american jet fighter collides with the italian commercial plane, while chasing a libyan fighter, causing the italian plane to explode in mid-air.

Martinelli was able – with his work – to capture the Canadian audience attention on a tragedy which remains still unsolved, as many other in the recent decades of the Italian history.



Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

ICFF 2016 Award of Excellence

To Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua,

The ICFF 2016 Award of Excellence for his precious contribution to the development of the Italian culture and heritage and his valuable support
of the Italian films promotion in Ontario.

As a real visionary himself, Bevilacqua believes that Italian cinematographic production truly influences the formation of a global culture. At the same time, Bevilacqua believes that Italian cinema has also allowed unique cultural ideas to disseminate throughout the world.

Maurizio Bevilacqua recognizes the value to explore Italian contemporary cinema and discover the cultural richness of Italian heritage throughout the spread of Festival such as the ICFF.

That is why Bevilacqua’s contribution has made possible to further promote the ICFF, defying conventional perspectives on complex and challenging issues facing both the Italian and the global communities.




People’s Choice Award

*Edoardo Leo receiving the award

Audiences have selected the comedy Noi e la Giulia, as the People’s Choice Award.

Directed by and starring Edoardo Leo, the comedy follows 5 losers who decide to flee the city and open a rustic holiday farmhouse in the countryside. When a local mobster arrives in a green vintage “Giulia – Alfa Romeo”, and asks for protection money, the guys knock him out and lock him in the basement. The guys force the mafioso to help them make the farmhouse a success and soon becomes their most valued business partner.

Edoardo Leo was honoured to receive such recognition from a Canadian audience. Upon receiving his award Leo said, “In my films I try to be the most honest and faithful possible to the reality that I know because I make films not to launch messages, but to tell stories based mostly on the representation of human relationships. The fact that this reaches not only an Italian audience, but even a foreign one is a great satisfaction.”


Angela Baldassarre Film Critics Award

*Gilbert Seah (juror, Toronto Film critics Association) announcing the winner

The Toronto Film Critics Association awarded The Invisible Boy (Il Ragazzo Invisibile) for the 2015 Film Critics Award. Directed by Gabriele Salvatores, the family comedy meets fantasy tells the story of a 13 year old boy, who lives in a quiet seaside town. Nobody would say he is popular at school, nor is he a brilliant student, nor is he very good at sports. But deep down, he does not care. Michele would settle for catching the attention of Stella, the girl he cannot help looking at in class, but he has the feeling that she is totally unaware of his presence. One day, the monotony of normal life is shattered by an extraordinary discovery- Michele looks in the mirror and finds that he is invisible. The most incredible adventure of his life is about to begin.



Castlepoint Numa Award

*The director Sergio Navaretta


The Castlepoint Numa Award was presented to Italian-Canadian Director, Sergio Navaretta for his film The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship. The romantic comedy tells the story of Cat and her mediocre job, a mundane social life and her uninspired relationship with Freddy. Everything changes when she meets Richard, Freddy’s boss. Charming, gregarious, astute, and shockingly self-confident, he promises to be everything Freddy is not. Cat and Richard’s brief encounter evolves into an affair. Overwhelmed by her own guilt, however, she breaks it off to

make a final, sincere attempt to reignite the flame with Freddy with a romantic trip to wine country. Nothing, however, can prepare Cat for what happens when she finds out Richard – accompanied by his perky, perfect young girlfriend, Amy – is joining them.



Best Short Film Award

*Eli G;saner and Bruce Elser (jurors) announcing the winner

The Best Short Film was awarded to Due Piedi Sinistri directed by Isabella Salvetti. Along with the prize, the director is also awarded $1,000. The short is a about a cool teenaged soccer player who seeks the admiration of his peers and is intrigued by the aloofness of a sharp and incisive teenage girl, until his interest in her presents him a social dilemma that he hasn’t the moral strength to resolve. This is what the jurors had to say about the short film: “The film handles the interaction between two teenagers with great skill, holding back the information that places the cool boy an awkward and morally comprised position until it explodes into his cool world, leaving him much reduced. The two principal actors perform splendidly.”



ICFF Junior Award

*Screenshot from Il mio amico Nanuk

The ICFF Junior Award was presented to Il Mio Amico Nanuk (Midnight Sun). Directed by Brando Quilici, who was present at this year’s festival and Roger Spottiswoode, the film portrays the icy outermost reaches of northern Canada, where 14-year-old Luke learns that a polar bear cub has been separated from its mother. To reunite them, Luke enlists the aid of Muktuk, an Inuit guide who knows the unforgiving polar bear territory very well. The pair must learn to defend themselves and the cub from all the perils of this gleaming, snowbound wilderness, to get Nanuk home safely.



*Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi receiving the award

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Roberto Benigni & Nicoletta Braschi who were recognized and honoured for their achievement in Italian cinema. ICFF along with TIFF presented a retrospective on the Italian on-screen and real-life couple, commemorating their life’s work.





*Ivana Di Rocco (ICFF board of director) Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino (Ambi pictures)

Honour of Recognition: Ambassador of Italian Cinema in the World

ICFF presented an Honour of Recognition award to Andrea Iervolino as Ambassador of Italian Cinema in the World. The award recognizes individuals who demonstrate a strong desire to support Italian contemporary film productions in Canada and around the world, in addition to building bridges between Canada and Italy. An entrepreneur, Producer and Founder of AMBI Pictures (along with his business partner, Lady Monika Bacardi), Andrea Iervolino has produced, financed, and distributed over 40 films. He is currently the youngest and most highly regarded Italian entrepreneurs in the world of filmmaking.


*Misha Barton receiving the award

Award of Honour: Mischa Barton

ICFF presented an Award of Honour to actress Mischa Barton (The O.C.) recognizing her not only for her numerous roles in television and film, but also for being inspired and proud to shoot films in Italy. She recently was in Rome to shoot the film, Hope Lost.







*Marco Turco at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Award of Honour: Marco Turco

Italian Director and Screenwriter, Marco Turco was presented with an Award of Honour during ICFF’s opening night. His film, L’Oriana was the opening night film of the 2015 festival and received audience acclaim. The biopic, starring Vittoria Puccini follows the life of Oriana Fallaci, the Italian journalist and author, and her thoughts as a front-line reporter and missed opportunity to be a mother.







*Salvatore Focarra and Valentino Picone


Award of Honour: Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone

Italian comedic duo Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone were recognized for their long-time work in Italian television and cinema receiving an Award of Honour during the ICFF opening night ceremony. Their film, Andiamo a Quel Paese was part of the 2015 ICFF lineup and had audiences laughing. The comedy directed and starring Ficarra and Picone, tells the story of two unemployed friends living in Palermo who decide to leave the big city and make a new start for themselves in their small hometown of Monteforte, Sicily.





*Vincenzo Nisco and Cristiano de Florentiis (ICFF Artistic Director)

Award of Honour for Outstanding Career in Animation

Art Director of RainbowCGI, Vincenzo Nisco was presented with an Award of Honour for his outstanding career in Animation. Nisco has produced and designed caricatures and cartoon art since the 70’s and has worked on some of the world’s most beloved Disney characters.






People’s Choice Award

*In the picture the actor Carlo Verdone

Audiences have selected the comedy UNDER A LUCKY STAR (SOTTO UNA BUONA STELLA) as the People’s Choice Award.

Directed by and starring Carlo Verdone, the film is about a successful businessman who lives in a luxurious house with his young girlfriend. Verdone presented the film in in Toronto and accepted the award at the closing night party at Casa Loma on Friday.

On receiving the award, Verdone commented, “Theatre attendance in the five cities where the film screened was overwhelming, yielding an incredible wave of affection and respect toward me. This proves that Under a Lucky Star is an international film that can be understood by audiences of every kind.”



Angela Baldassarre Award

*The artistic director Cristiano de Florentiis announcing the winner

The winner of the Angela Baldassarre Critic’s Choice Award went to FIRST SNOWFALL (LA PRIMA NEVE) by director Andrea Segre. Selected for its true-to-life feel and constantly engaging story, First Snowfall was a disarmingly heartfelt and greatly moving film, which tells the story of a Togolese refugee and a young boy who find solace in each other in this atmospheric film set in a small mountain village in Trentino.

The Critic’s Choice Jury members included members of the Toronto Film Critics Association, Andrew Parker, Kiva Reardon, and Gilbert Seah.



IC Savings Award

*In the picture the actor Enrico Brignano

STAY AWAY FROM ME (STAI LONTANA DA ME) by director Alessio Maria Federici, received the IC Savings Award, which is awarded to a film that makes an outstanding contribution to Italian social and cultural values. The film’s star Enrico Brignano was presented with the award at the closing night screening of the film at Isabel Bader Theatre. STAY AWAY FROM ME is about a brilliant marriage guidance counselor, played by Brignano, who is a black cat himself where women are concerned.

“We’re excited to recognize one of the festival’s most delightful films, Stay Away From Me, with the IC Savings Award and we’re thrilled that Enrico Brignano, one of Italy’s most acclaimed actors, was on hand to accept it,” says Fausto Gaudio, President and CEO of IC Savings. “Director Alessio Maria Federici and Mr. Brignano have succeeded in delivering a memorable film that reflects the sheer quality of Italian contemporary cinema today.”

Best Short Film Award

*The director Paolo Zucca

The Best Short Film award and prize of $1,000 CDN went to the animated BELLA DI NOTTE (THE FOUR O’CLOCK FLOWER) by director Paolo Zucca. It was awarded for its exceptional narrative verve, unique creativity, originality and poignancy. The ICFF Jury found it a truly special film, extremely well paced and constructed.




*Carlo Verdone, Cristiano de Florentiis, Maurizio Magnifico and Sam Crignano

Lifetime Achievement Award: CARLO VERDONE

Lifetime Achievement Award Carlo Verdone, who for almost 40 years has written and directed some of the best and most popular comedies in Italy.




*Danny Glover, Cristiano de Florentiis, Maurizio Magnifico

Award of Excellence: DANNY GLOVER

DANNY Glover was awarded for his extraordinary career and the numerous iconic roles he interpreted in movies such as The Color Purple, Predator 2, Lethal Weapon and many others. The award of excellence was a recognition of his contribution to the history of Cinema.



*Vittoria Puccini, the director Paolo Genovese and Cristiano de Florentiis

Award of Excellence: VITTORIA PUCCINI

Vittoria Puccini received an Award of Excellence being one of the most popular and successful contemporary actresses in Italy. As a proof of her talent, her inspired interpretations in movies such as Baciami ancora, directed by Gabriele Muccino and Magnifica Presenza by Ferzan Ozpetek.




*In the picture the actor Sthephen Baldwin

Special Award of Honour: STEPHEN BALDWIN

The Special Award of Honour went to Stephen Baldwin for his eclectic career and the many successful projects he accomplished as an actor, a director, a producer and an author. Among his most famous movie productions, Threesome, The Usual Suspects and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.




*In the picture Cristiano de Florentiis, Monica Bacardi, Maurizio Magnifico


Special Achievement Award: Monika Bacardi

Monika Bacardi was awarded the Special Achievement Award for her generous support given to the movie industry, providing an essential contribution to the stability of the Italian and international cinema.


*In the picture the actor Nick Mancuso

Award for Contribution to the Canadian Film Industry: NICK MANCUSO

Nick Mancuso was awarded for his work and exceptional contribution to the history of Canadian cinema and to the Canadian Film Industry with his numerous filmmaking accomplishments and cinematographic talent.



*In the picture Martina Stella


Best Screenplay : MARTINA STELLA

Young Italian talent Martina Stella received the Award for Best Screenplay for her debut screenplay, O.O.B.I., a psychological thriller produced by AMBI.




People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award, voted by festival audiences, went to
Paolo Genovese’s
(A Perfect Family), which had its international premiere at the festival.

*The Artistic Director, Cristiano de Florentiis with the People’s Choice Award. In the background the director Paolo Genovese

Angela Baldassarre Award

The Angela Baldassarre Award for Best Film, established in honour of the late Toronto film critic, was awarded to Peter Strickland’s BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO by members of the Toronto Film Critics Association.

Jury Statement: “BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO takes its cues from the kind of films once made by the Italian masters-of-horror, Argento, Bava and Fulci and, through the use of sound, creates a powerful illusion of unease and terror. Strickland immerses us in the backstage magic of horror filmmaking, lingering over the sight of every switch and knob on the soundboard, and revelling in the eerie sound of every smashed melon. We become eavesdroppers rather than voyeurs along a mesmerizing journey into one man’s isolation and perhaps, madness.”

*In the picture the director Peter Strickland

IC Savings Award

The IC Savings Award went to Frank D’Angelo’s REAL GANGSTERS, a realistic crime thriller tinged with dark humour. The Toronto-shot mob movie, written and directed by Frank D’Angelo, stars an ensemble cast with D’Angelo, Nick Mancuso, Steven Bauer, Margot Kidder, Robert Loggia, Michael Paré, John Savage, Tony Rosato and Art Hindle. President and CEO of IC Savings (Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union), Fausto Gaudio was on hand to congratulate the filmmaker and present him with the Award.

*In the picture: The director Frank D’Angelo and the CEO of IC Savings Fausto Gaudio

Best Short Film Award

bellavistaThe audience voted for the ICFF Best Short Film Award to go to Alessandro Marinaro’s Buongiorno, Signor Bellavista, a film about old and blind Enzo Bellavista who one day finds a camcorder in his village in Sicily and makes an incredible discovery.  The Award comes with CAD $1000 as ICFF wishes to encourage this form of storytelling.




Lifetime Achievement Award: SILVIO SOLDINI

Lifetime Achievement Award to veteran Italian-Swiss filmmaker Silvio Soldini, one of the most acclaimed directors of contemporary Italian cinema, in recognition of the filmmaker’s commendable body of work spanning a career of over three decades.



*In the picture the actor Robert Loggia


Lifetime Achievement Award: ROBERT LOGGIA

Actor Robert Loggia (Academy Award & Emmy nominee; Scarface, Independence Day, Big) was honoured with a special lifetime achievement award during the presentation of the screening of Real Gangsters.




*In the picture Valeria Marini


Showbiz Career Award: VALERIA MARINI

The Italian showgirl and actress Valeria Marini, who attended the screening of “E io non pago” at TIFF,  received the Showbiz Career Award for being an Italian Show Business icon and for her outstanding contribution to the new Italian comedy.




*In the picture the actor Nicolas Vaporidis


Special Award of Honour: NICOLAS VAPORIDIS

The Italian well-known actor Nicolas Vaporidis, famous for the box office hit,  “Notte prima degli esami”, presented “Outing – Fidanzati per sbaglio” on July 27 and collected an award for his leading role.




*In the picture the actor Walter Nudo


Special Award of Honour: WALTER NUDO

The Italan-Canadian actor Walter Nudo received an award for his interpretation of Alex, a young Italian engeneer who volunteers in a Russian hospital, in Valerio Zanoli’s movie “Hopeful Notes”, premiered at TIFF Bell Lightbox on June 28.




*In the picture the producer Andrea Iervolino


Special Achievement Award: ANDREA IERVOLINO

The young Italian-Canadian producer Andrea Iervolino (AI Entertainment) was awarded the ICFF Special Achievement Award for his contribution to the Italian film industry. At twenty-five years old he has altrady produced more than twenty-five movies.




*In the picture Rick Campanelli


Award of Excellence: RICK CAMPANELLI

Rick Campanelli has established himself as one of Canada’s most recognizable TV personalities. He received an Award of Excellence for his outstanding contribution to Arts and Entertainment in Canada




People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award, voted by festival audiences, went to
Ivan Cotroneo’s
(Kryptonite!), which had its Canadian premiere at the festival.

Actress Monica Nappo was present to accept the award.

*Monica Nappo with the People’s Choice Award. In the background the director Ivan Cotroneo

Angela Baldassarre Award

The Angela Baldassarre Award for Best Film, established in honour of the late Toronto film critic, was awarded to Emanuele Crialese’s “TERRAFERMA” by members of the Toronto Film Critics Association.

Jury Statement: “After much deliberating, we the jury found Crialese’s stunning TERRAFERMA to be the worthiest recipient of this award. It was close. VERY close. But there is something so majestic, lyrical and soulful about TERRAFERMA, that we kept returning to it. It is a work of pure cinema, stirring responses both primal and cerebral in its audience. A film that demands to be discussed as Angela no doubt would have done, with enthusiasm, passion and conviction….”

*In the picture: Jury Statemente, Angela Baldassarre’s daughter,
Cristiano de Florentiis (co-founder and artistic director, ICFF)

IC Savings award

The IC Savings Award for best contribution to Italian social and cultural values was presented to LA SCOMPARSA DI PATÓ (The Vanishing of Pató) and to its director and screenwriter, Rocco Mortelliti, who accepted the award in person.

“We are honoured to recognize LA SCOMPARSA DI PATÓ with this award,” said Fausto Gaudio, President and CEO of the Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union. “Our partnership with the Italian Contemporary Film Festival represents our strong commitment to promoting the social and cultural values of the community we serve in our great city of Toronto.”

*In the picture: The director Rocco Mortelliti


People’s Choice Award

Moviegoers cast their ballots for the Best Feature with winners receiving the ICFF People’s Choice Award on Closing Night. You decide the winner – fill out your ballots at the exit of the screening!



Angela Baldassarre Award

The Angela Baldassarre Memorial Award is presented in memory of a gifted Toronto film critic who lost her battle with cancer on November 15, 2007.

Angela was an avid film viewer and writer, collecting some of her work in the books The Great Dictators: Interviews With Filmmakers Of Italian Descent and Reel Canadians: Interviews From The Canadian Film World.

Angela was also vice-president of the Toronto Film Critics Association. She served on film festival juries in Moscow, Chicago, Amsterdam and Toronto. She was one of the founding members of L’Altra Italia, the Italian Canadian cultural association, which represents the seed from which the Italian Contemporary Film Festival has blossomed.

Toronto Film Critics Association. Established in 1997, the Toronto Film Critics Association is comprised of Toronto-based journalists and broadcasters who specialize in film criticism and commentary. All major dailies, weeklies and a variety of other print and electronic outlets are represented. The TFCA is affiliated with the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI). Their members have sat on critics’ juries in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Miami, Palm Springs, Chicago, Pusan, Moscow, Amsterdam, London and Vienna, among others.




IC Savings Award

The IC Savings Award for best contribution to Italian social and cultural values.

Fausto Gaudio, President and CEO of the Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union: “Our partnership with the Italian Contemporary Film Festival represents our strong commitment to promoting the social and cultural values of the community we serve in our great city of Toronto.”



Best Short Film

The festival provides a platform for Italian short films to gain visibility in Canada, as we acknowledge the importance of this often underestimated art.

Short narrative films and documentaries provide exciting and engaging storytelling. In recognition, one short film will receive the ICFF Award for Best Short Film and CAD $1,000.

The Artist

Born in Cerqueto (Fano Adriano, Province of Teramo), Silvio Mastrodascio is one of the most prominent Italian Canadian artists. He started as a painter, then moved to sculpture following his father’s woodcarving art.

“Notwithstanding his numerous experiences with diverse civilizations, Mastrodascio has never rejected his own roots, and in this sense his art has become a space for a romantic escape from the present… In conclusion, his sculpture is both contemporary and traditional” (Leo Strozzieri).

His works are shown in many important galleries and private collections all over the world.

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