Cozy up in February with Piccoli Crimini Coniugali – Partners in Crime

Since we normally associate February with love, hearts and chocolates – when couples are planning on celebrating the 14th, our monthly film is the perfect way to enjoy a couples film… not that type of film though, as we’re obviously speaking about Alex Infascelli’s Piccoli Crimini Coniugali/Partners in Crime

Margherita Buy and Sergio Castellitto take us through brilliantly crafted story of what happens when one partner of a so-called married couple looses his memory, and has to rely solely on his partner to try and piece his world back together – or does he?

Infascelli’s maze of events will take you through various scenes in which one is never sure if it has truly happened. Perhaps it’s the scheming of Buy (7 time David di Donatello winner) that you’re never too sure what she’s going to say or Castellitto’s memory that’s questionable whether or not it’s completely lost. Questions such as why is he injured or how did his accident really happen will surly come to mind when watching this film.

Buy, best know for her roles in Mia Madre and Saturno, keeps us continually asking if she’s actually set her partner up and is Castellitto (La Buca and Padre Pio: Miracle Man) really as lost as he seems? The two most definitely keep you continually guessing, and focused on them, being they’re the only two characters, but please don’t let this lead you to a conclusion that the story line will not be able to keep you captivated.

Director Alex Infascelli



Come out to L’Altra Italia to enjoy this Canadian Premiere! Discover what the conclusion will be of this couple on their turbulent journey of discovering how much they trust, love and perhaps despise one another… as they say, there’s a very fine line between love and hate.

Please click the date to buy tickets for the screening on February 9th at TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, or February 22nd at Cineplex Cinemas in Vaughan. As always, we’d love for you to join us for the reception before to enjoy some fabulous Italian cuisine and wine.



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