Monthly Film Selection

The ICFF is delighted to be in partnership with L’Altra Italia – we have an amazing selection of films for the monthly program! With these screenings, we will surely strengthen our culture by laughing more, crying more, while exploring the different roads and piazzas. Quite simply put, we’re off to enjoying another full year of L’Altra Italia’s program here in Toronto and Vaughan.

There are the feature films such as The Space Between, which has director Ruth Borgobello taking us through the breathtaking Friulian region in a tail of love and loss and has been selected as Australia’s official candidate for the 2018 ‘Best Foreign Film’ Oscar.

Everybody loves a good Tiramisù, and we have this film being screened in Vaughan, starring the hilarious Fabio Di Luigi and for extra laughs, there’s also the box office hit Mister Felicità by Alessandro Siani, who does a double duty as director and star in the film.


We’ll be celebrating 2018 with Piccoli Crimini Coniugali, directed by Alex Infascelli and witness the love-hate relationship starring Sergio Castellitto and Margherita Buy.

Piuma, awarded by the Venice Film Festival, brings us a comedy-drama about two Italian teens who struggle with an unexpected pregnancy e Tutto quello che vuoi stars Giuliano Montaldo and Andrea Carpenzano in a story of how we can learn from one another, even when there’s a generational gap.

We’re ecstatic to also be presenting the much anticipated film by Michele Placido, 7 minuti, which was also featured at the Rome Film Festival, an introspective film that speaks on a group of female blue-collar factory workers, who are collaborating to save their co-workers.


Non è un paese per giovani by director Giovanni Veronesi will round out the season, taking us to Cuba in a tale about two young people searching for a better life and opportunity.

We don’t need to convince you of the fact that film as an art form is completely unique, and as every other art form, it has a fundamental value within itself. For us at L’Altra Italia and the ICFF, it’s extremely important for a specific reason, to make us reconnect with Italy while understanding the evolution of the Italian culture, language, values, and society.

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