Christian De Sica


Christian De Sica is an actor, director, and the son of the late famous Italian film director Vittorio De Sica and Maria Mercader. In 1971, he made his debut on television in the thriller directed by Roberto Rossellini La vita di Blaise Pascal, and in 1972 he landed a role on the big screen with the French film Pauline 1880, by Jean Louis Bertuccelli.

In 1982 he entered into the comedy world with appearances in Borotalco, directed by and starring Carlo Verdone, and Viuuulentemente mia, in collaboration with director Carlo Vanzina. He then began a fifteen-year artistic partnership with Massimo Boldi in “Christmas Vacation ‘90” that has featured them in a series of ‘cine-panettoni’(successful Christmas movies) that are undisputed Christmas box-office winners.

He has won 3 David di Donatello, 23 Biglietti d’Oro for Italian Cinema and 2 for Italian Theatre and 2 Nastri d’argento. He has also never ceased to continue his passion for singing, and has released a few singles and musical albums. He is married to Silvia Verdone (Carlo’s sister), who was his high school classmate, and the daughter of the cinema historian Mario Verdone. They have two children – a daughter and a son.


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