Christian De Sica: Icon Of Italian Cinema


He’s Vittorio De Sica’s son,Carlo Verdone’s brother-in-law, and he’s the reigning King of Cinepanettone.


Vittorio De Sica with his son, actor Christian De Sica

Vittorio De Sica with his son, actor Christian De Sica


If you’ve ever seen one of the movies that are affectionately dubbed Cinepanettone, the slightly bawdy Christmas films that don’t have A LOT to do with Christmas, you know Christian De Sica. He’s starred in all of the big ones like Natale in Sudafrica (Christmas in South Africa), Natale a Beverly Hills, and Natale in Crociera (Christmas on a Cruise), delighting holiday audiences with the tantalizing stuff we used to think of as “bedroom farce”.

ICFF is proud to announce that Christian De Sica will be joining us in Toronto for the 6th edition of our festival. One of the most famous actors in Italy thanks to his professional career, his true multi-faceted talent, and the popularity and box office success of virtually all his films, TV series and theatrical performances.

“I’m a street acrobat; I feel like an actor. I feel like a showman. A comedian. Someone who sings, acts, dances. A person in this profession should know how to do everything. […] To a certain extent, that’s how my father was, too, that was the school. Then, of course, some people do it better and others do it worse”.

Sabrina Ferilli with Christian De Sica in Natale a New York

Sabrina Ferilli with Christian De Sica in Natale a New York


Christian De Sica Fun Facts!

  • His father, Vittorio De Sica, was one of the most important Neorealist directors.
  • He’s married to Silvia Verdone, sister of Carlo Verdone.
  • His uncle, Ramón Mercader, used an axe to murder Leon Trotsky!
  • Roberto Rossellini was his early mentor.
  • He named his son, Brando, after Marlon Brando.
  • He’s won 3 David Di Donatello Awards for acting.
  • He starred with Johnny Depp in the English language hit, The Tourist.



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