Cavalli - ICFF - Italian Contemporary Film FestivalICFF – Italian Contemporary Film Festival


Director: Michele Rho

Cast: Vinicio Marchioni, Michele Alhaique, Giulia Michelini, Duccio Camerini, Cesare Apolito, Antonella Attili, Fausto Sciarappa, Marco Iermanò

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At the end of the 1800s, Alessandro and Pietro live in a small town in the Appennini mountains. The brothers are very different, yet very close, especially after their mother’s death. Her last gifts to them were two marvelous, untamed horses.
Once Alessandro becomes an adult, he voices the desire to travel beyond the mountains and go far away, while Pietro wants to become a breeder and live with Veronica, the girl he loves.

Country: Italy
Genre: Drama
Duration: 120 minutes
Year: 2011
Production: Lucky Red
World Sales: Global Screen

Tuesday, July 2
7:30 pm Reception
9:30 pm Movie*
AMC Theatre, Cinema 24
30 Interchange Way,

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

One day, due to a political error, something amazing happens: Peppino is mistakenly elected President of the Italian Republic. He is forced to leave his quiet life to play a role for which he is clearly inadequate, as are his manners; however, his common sense and his spontaneity prove incredibly effective.

Peppino’s joyful madness, his humanity and his disarming honesty in a time of crisis catch the institutions by surprise and win over the disheartened country. However, on the horizon loom conspiracies, diplomatic incidents and seedy political machinations.



Michele Rho

Michele Rho

Born in Milan, Rho graduated from the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts with a major in film directing. After a career in the theatre world as an actor and director, he made his film debut with Milàn, a short documentary.

In 2004 he wrote and directed Post-It, a short film produced by Gianluca Arcopinto, which was selected for the New Italian Cinema Events and which won a Jury Special Mention Award and the Best Editing Award at the Arcipelago Film Festival. In 2008 he made the short film Veglia.

Cavalli is Rho’s first feature film and was presented at the 68th International Cinematographic Art Exhibition in Venice.





Alla fine dell’Ottocento, in un paesino degli Appennini, vivono Alessandro e Pietro, due fratelli diversi e legatissimi, soprattutto dopo la morte della madre. Prima di morire, la donna fa loro l’ultimo regalo: Sauro e Baio, due stupendi cavalli non ancora domati.

Nazione: Italia
Genere: Drammatico
Durata: 120′
Produzione: Lucky Red
Distributore: Global Screen

Martedì 2 luglio
7:30 pm Ricevimento
9:30 pm Film*
AMC Theatre, Cinema 24
30 Interchange Way,

Lingua: Italiana
Sottotitoli: Inglese


Michele Rho

Michele Rho

Nato a Milano, Rho si diploma in regia presso la Scuola d’arte drammatica Paolo Grassi. Dopo una carriera teatrale come attore e regista, nel 2002 esordisce al cinema con Milàn, un documentario. Nel 2004 scrive e dirige Post-it, cortometraggio prodotto da Gianluca Arcopinto, che viene selezionato per il New Italian Cinema Events e vince una Menzione Speciale della Giuria nonche’ il Premio Migliore Montaggio al Festival di Arcipelago. Nel 2008 gira il cortometraggio Veglia.
Cavalli è il suo primo lungometraggio ed è stato presentato alla LXVIII Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia














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